14 March 2018


Thank you so much for following up and updating so frequently. With my close to 20 years with Limnios, and having worked with many of your colleagues, its the first time I get such regular updated and pro-activeness.

I am indeed pleasantly surprised!

Thank you very much and keep up with the good service! Regards Jeremiah

Hi Dimitri, 


I would like to thank you for being:

- very organised and professional

- quick to respond and find answers for everything I asked

- reliable with your promises and 

- offering me a superb deal for Lord288, which I would have taken had I not had my heart set on Franzone already. 


As I told you, I dealt with another real estate agent at the same time who had an interesting development going on. However, he was dismissive and belittling towards me. Apparently he thought that only providing colour plans and the price would be sufficient, because I'm a young woman. I closed his project out straight away because of his arrogant attitude. Thanks for being more professional!


I am looking forward to receiving the confirmation from the developer and moving on in this process. It's really exciting! 



Dear James,

After the successful sale of my property in Mt Lawley, I'm writing to express my sincere gratitude to you and your team at Limnios Property Group. Within the first week my apartment had a solid offer and eventual sale $25,000 above the listing price, an unexpected and brilliant result!

Regardless, I'd like to make special mention of Dimitri Oikonomou who has, at every given opportunity, made me feel like a much valued client and has only ever been professional and responsive in all communications. I'm almost certain that due to Dimitri's commitment in achieving an excellent outcome has led to such an outstanding result. I'm truly appreciative of his efforts and can't thank him enough.

I will not hesitate to recommend the Limnios Property Group to friends and family and look forward to future business dealings with your team.

Once again, thank you!